The ‘Buffered Self’, Muslim-Christian Relations and the Church’s Response to a Secular Age Paper given at a Conference: “Faith in a Secular Age: a Conversation with Charles Taylor” Heythrop College, University of London, 2nd December 2014 A Secular Age fell into my lap at a fortuitous moment in the preparation of my doctoral research.

The Annunciation and the Buffered Self — Fr. Andrew Mar 27, 2019 Fr. Robert Barron: Blasting Holes Through the Buffered Self This text is, in my judgment, the best challenge to what the philosopher Charles Taylor calls the “buffered self,” that is to say, a self isolated from any sense of the transcendent.

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ERIC - EJ1222769 - Vulnerability and Community This article examines identity development in light of Charles Taylor's notion of the "Buffered Self." Educating in faith toward the deconstruction of unjust identity norms requires finding a pathway out of this constrictive underlying structure. In particular, the manner in which religious educators address the promises and perils that people with disabilities face in the late modern secular SaysElpha Flashcards | Quizlet