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So if you're buying BTC-ETH, the current price is 0.1 and you indicate +10% for the buy and +20% for the sell, CryptoStorm will put a buy order in for 0.11 BTC, wait until it is filled, then put a sell order at 0.12 BTC. It's important to note that, especially with low volume coins, the order book must have enough volume for the order to go

Cryptostorm Review (Community-Driven, TESTED) | GoBestVPN.com Cryptostorm doesn’t disappoint on the device compatibility front; available natively for Windows, Mac, iOS, Linus, and Android, it’s easily installed through a one-click process. Additional configurations are available, but these are quite technical in nature.

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Sep 24, 2019 Home :: okaruto :: independent cryptostorm.is token reseller We purchase tokens in bulk from cryptostorm and pass the additional anonymity on to you. okaruto is in no way associated with cryptostorm, simply another user of the vpn service. Purchasing tokens via okaruto means cryptostorm cannot and does not know anything about you - no link between a token & purchase details. cryptostorm (cryptostorm VPN network) | Keybase cryptostorm (cryptostorm VPN network) is now on Keybase, an open source app for encryption and cryptography.